Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale

The car boot sale is due to close for the season in November.

Give them a call to double check if the sale is going ahead (possibly Sunday 1st March, 2020).

Unconfirmed season end date. Please contact the organiser directly for more information and to find out when it will be held.     


A little bit more about the Car Boot Sale :

The Stonham Barns Outdoor Boot Sale usually takes place every Sunday. From March through to November. Sellers should arrive at 8.00am, and buying begins from 8.00am. The boot sale is organised by Stonham Barns, who can be reached on 07817 539 168. Please contact them to check the boot sale is going ahead.

Additional Information :

Open from 7th April 2019. As well as being Suffolks friendliest Sunday Car Boot, with a good regular crowd, we also have the additional bonus of regular events at the same time so a different additional crowd on those days. If you haven't been to Stonham Barns Car Boot this year come this Sunday as the crowds have been excellent and we are getting lots of sellers too. The added bonus is that you can still sell from £5 (no need to book). Just turn up from 8am. Below is a little bit more about Stonham and the Car Boot, make sure you visit our Web Page and Facebook pages as it tells you a lot more about Stonham and what is going on weekly as it rarely is the same each week. Stonham is the one to go to if you want a great relaxing day without being hassled and able to set up in peace. Each week the buyers will increase dramatically and we are lucky to have ones that actually buy. Stonham is known for its one off sellers and antiques (as well as all the normal car boot items) and in our fifth year we are getting a good regular crowd of sellers and buyers. Everyone loves Stonham as its unbeatable when the weather is good. It has a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable friendly crowd made up of all ages. Families, young and old, It's dog friendly and caters for the disabled. You can still sell from five pounds right up to ten pounds for covered stalls. These are really a hit with the sellers as you can book by texting 07817539168, pull up behind, set up and sell and pack up and leave at the end of the day. Alternatively, we are still the cheapest in Suffolk so you can just turn up from 8am and sell. Once we are on the field we allow sellers as much space as they require and you can even bring a gazebo and set up. We allow anyone to sell most things the only restriction we have is with plants whereby we allow small vans/cars selling plants grown from home but, they will need to be part of a variety of things sold. Anyone selling old gardening tools etc. is fine. Call me if unsure. It's just common sense you just need to bring a variety rather than a van full of just flowers. Something I think is really important and is part of the whole idea of the traditional car boot, is the fact that you can sell without the fear of things being stolen or being pestered whilst setting up. I hear that this is a problem at so many car boots but, we are a big family car boot. We are on the Coastal Route & in summer have the campsite and holiday homes full up and filled with car boot lovers. We have a guaranteed extra crowd already there. Plus with all the attractions, shops, golf/fishing, owl sanctuary, Serpent House/pet shop, toy shop, ladies fashion and so many other things to see and do we are such a great venue for a car boot. On top of that we have the big events running in tandem with the car boot. Sellers tend to arrive from 8am onwards (we do allow earlier but, Stonham wakes up after 9am with the shops and attractions also opening at 10am). We are outdoors only but offer covered stalls. We try to open every week irrespective of the weather as we still get buyers and sellers. We have been asked to start a Tuesday morning car boot and Im interested to know what everyone thinks. Stonham are getting daily coach trips stopping there and also there isn't one locally on a Tuesday, so far, so your thoughts appreciated. If I get enough interest I will start one. Thoughts from sellers and buyers welcome. Text or email me. I will be advertising far in advance of starting and will offer free selling for the first few weeks. Do come up to me at the car boot and let me know your thoughts and please mention to anyone at other midweek car boots as I will offer a well-run additional day if interested. 07817539168 for information on the car boot or

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Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale Contact Details

  • Contact Person: Simon Tilley
  • Organisation: Stonham Barns
  • Address: Stonham Barns, Pettaugh Road, Stonham Aspal, Suffolk.
  • Postcode: IP14 6AT
  • Phone: 07817 539 168

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Stonham Barns Car Boot Sale

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