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The motorbike first appeared in the 1880's and by the mid 1900's was a common sight on Britain's roads, used for both work and pleasure. It was pressed into service during the two world wars under many guises. The 1930's were perhaps the heyday of the British Motor Cycle industry with many now famous names building a wide range of Motor Cycles. The second world war saw a halt to some of the companies and the death knell to many of the smaller UK manufacturers. A few companies survived and still produce a fine selection of Motor Cycles. Indeed today's international Motor Cycle industry owes a great deal to the early pioneers and the Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum will give you an insight into the history of the Motor Cycle industry. Pre-war motorbikes are a rare sight considering the numbers that were produced in the 20's and 30's. One of the main reasons for their rarity was the wartime demand for metals. To help towards the war effort Motor Cycles from scrapyards and those not in use were given, along with pots and pans, railings and the like, to be recycled for the production of armaments. Some of course did survive to become collectors items. There are probably a few hidden in sheds, outbuildings and barns yet to be discovered. The Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum has an ongoing policy of restoration and repair, and an ever watchful eye for interesting new additions to the collection.

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Norfolk Motor Cycle Museum

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